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Family Law

Divorce and child custody battles fall under the umbrella of family law. Both of these hardships are best handled with a competent family law attorney by your side.

Civil Litigation

Disputes between people or companies, including contracts, neighbor disputes, and other non-criminal matters can often be resolved with the help of an attorney.

Small Business

No business is too small for legal advice, and with the proper assistance, an attorney can be a great asset to a company.


Mediation is a method to resolve legal problems and is an effective method to resolve disputes outside of court.

Stepping into the courtroom and negotiating legal disputes can be complex and frustrating for individuals who are unfamiliar with these proceedings. When deciding upon legal representation, the process can be overwhelming. In the courtroom, or during negotiation, your choice in attorney matters. Whether your case is in family law, construction, property, or any other area of the law, it will often entail complex circumstances. In the field of law, cases are often decided by an attorney's experience level. The more extensive an attorney's record is, the better the chances are of your case's success.

Experienced and Professional Legal Services

Mara Spring is an attorney with over a decade of practice across several different fields of the law. She has handled over 60 jury trials in her career. In addition to this, she has experience working as a court-appointed family mediator and has resolved disputes of family law, including divorce and custody. Mara approaches each case with professionalism, dedication, and compassion. Mara treats each client's case with the respect and attention that it needs in order to be successful. When your case gets to the courtroom or into the negotiation, you will want an attorney who understands your needs as a client and will represent you with diligence and competence.

If you or your loved one has a case in Wisconsin, count on Mara Spring to provide experienced and professional representation.

An Attorney You Can Trust

Mara Spring is recognized by judges and by her peers for professional excellence.

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