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Carrie Pietrzykowski, Office Assistant

When you call Spring Law, S.C., the first person you will likely speak to is Carrie Pietrzykowski. Carrie serves as the office managerĀ and legal assistant to Attorney Mara Spring. Carrie has been with the firm since it was founded, after working with Attorney Spring at her previous firm. She lives in Muskego with her husband and three children.

Carrie Pietrzykowski

The law affects all of our lives, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Unfortunately, the times when we become most aware of this fact are when we encounter a legal dispute. Legal disputes can arise from nearly any situation. For this reason, many depend on the services of attorneys to help settle these disputes. While every attorney must attend law school and pass the bar in order to provide these services, there is one important factor that separates the average attorney from a sharp and skilled one: experience. Whether your case is being handled across a desk to negotiate a business deal, or is being argued in court, an experienced attorney handling your case can greatly increase your chances of success, or a favorable outcome.

Our Attorney

Mara Spring is an attorney with over a decade of experience practicing across several different branches. She carries herself with dignity and an air of professionalism that shows through her work. When she takes on a case, she brings with her all of her prior experience and a strong work ethic. She takes her work and her reputation very seriously and understands that an attorney's actions reflect on the client. Whether a case she takes on is handled across a negotiation table, or in the courtroom, Mara prides herself on professional, diligent and above all, effective representation in all cases that she takes on. Our success as a firm is best reflected by the success of our clients, and Mara treats her client's needs through the case, and their desired outcome as a priority when she takes on a case.

Our Approach

The first step to your case is a primary consultation to determine how to approach your specific case, and what the necessary legal strategies to employ will be. Throughout the progress of your case, you will be informed of any important steps and events. Keeping clients informed especially in matters of business or family law is of utmost importance. We keep our clients informed so they may make educated decisions on their specific case. We understand that any decisions made have real impacts on you and your case, take steps to ensure the decisions you make have been guided and advised to the best of our ability.

Your Case

Whether your legal matter is a matter of divorce or conducting a high-value business transaction, we will cater our services to meet your needs. If you are involved in a legal transaction dispute, family law dispute, or other matter of the law, Mara Spring can take on your case. Consult with us today to get a perspective on your case.

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