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Business Law Attorney in Wisconsin

Oftentimes, when building and establishing a business, many entrepreneurs wait until they encounter legal troubles to consult with a business attorney. But hiring a well-versed legal professional before any issues arise can prove vital in almost every aspect of your business, and save you a whole lot of money in the long run.


A competent business attorney will provide an array of services that are crucial in helping business owners maintain longevity. No business is too small for legal advice, and with the proper assistance, an attorney can be a great asset to a company. Of course, intelligent business owners most likely can handle a lot of matters on their own, such as filling out IRS forms or other legal documents. However, there are issues that are more complex that could best be handled with the help of an attorney. The following are a few ways that a business attorney can prove to be beneficial:

  • Assistance when local, state or federal entities file a complaint or conduct an investigation in order to see if your business violated any laws
  • Drafting or negotiating a contract
  • Contractual disputes (breach of contract, unfulfilled duties, delayed projects etc.)
  • Advice regarding copyright and trademarking
  • Assistance when resolving consumer complaints
  • Advice when negotiating the sale of a company or the pursuit of another one and its assets
  • Guidance when structuring a business (proprietorship, LLC, partnership, corporation etc.) and its effect on a company's exposure to liability


Although the issues described above are important reasons to retain a business attorney, the single most crucial reason for hiring one is to prevent some of the legal issues described above from occurring. When legal troubles emerge and an owner is served with a summons or complaint, he or she will be expected to pay for court costs, settlements and other expenses to get the problem resolved. The fee an attorney will charge to keep business owners out of court is a small fraction of what attorneys may charge once the litigation process is initiated. Hiring a lawyer that looks out for ways to avoid future disputes is a smart way to protect yourself from rifts in your journey to maintaining a flourishing business.

Experienced Wisconsin Business Attorney

Although you as a business owner will not an attorney for every legal matter that comes up, you may need one sometime in the future. Take a step towards protecting your business by consulting with a business attorney today. Contact attorney Mara Spring.

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