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General Practice Attorney in Wisconsin

Deciding the what type of attorney you will need to consult with for advice or an attorney who can help you bring a case can be a confusing endeavor. A lot of people who decide that they want to get in touch with a legal professional don't know where to look and how to go about pursuing legal recourse. In these cases, talking to a general practice attorney is a good place to start. A Ggeneral practice attorneysis are typically familiar with a broad range of practice areas that are offered to clients. These legal professionals do not limit their practice to specializing in specific areas, which means that they don't have the same limitations that lawyers who specialize in solely one or two practice areas. and can usually assist with the most common types of legal disputes faced by individuals or businesses.

After all, an attorney's job at the core is to prevent and solve problems. When a legal professional has an understanding of a variety of practice areas, they are capable of resolving and foreseeing a large range of issues that may overlap in several areas.

Common Areas of General Practice Attorneys

A general practice attorney can prove to be useful in a variety of circumstances. You can count on most attorneys who do general practice areas to represent you in the following cases:


Figuring out the steps to take when initiating and carrying out the process of legitimizing a divorce is difficult. Oftentimes, people in the midst of a divorce are facing a plethora of emotional, psychological and even financial issues that they have to navigate through, and adding legal obligations to these problems may seem overwhelming. This is why many people turn to general practice attorneys to walk them through the many legal requirements they must adhere to in order to finalize this process and move on with their lives. Also, in the state of Wisconsin, spouses will most likely have to have tough conversations regarding matters like property distribution and spousal support - two conflictual points in the divorce process - in order to put their marriage behind them. With the advice of a knowledgeable general practice attorney, this notoriously rough process is bound to go more smoothly.

Child Custody and Placement Disputes

Most child custody cases are emotionally-driven and are an arduous experience for parents, especially when they feel like things might not go their way in court. Many of these cases go on while a divorce is in the works, which makes matters even more stressful for all parties involved. But with the assistance of a legal professional, some of the legal obligations that parents would otherwise take on themselves can be alleviated. Also, sound legal advice from a competent lawyer can also help a parent seek a child custody arrangement that they can objectively say reflects the best interest of their child or children.

Estate Planning

Although a general practice attorney may not be familiar with all of the more complex tools available to estate planners, they are typically able to prepare wills and to identify issues that require the attention of a more experienced estate planner. If you do not have a will, or would like an advanced directive for health care, your local general practice may be your first stop. If they cannot help you, they likely know someone who can!


Those who own flourishing businesses always have great relationships with two professionals: their accountant and their attorney. If an individual can run a business, there is a possibility that they can handle some legal matters on their own. However, there may be some legal issues that may be too complex for them to attack on their own. When a business owner is served with a summons or a consumer civil complaint, they will have to spend large amounts of money to hire a lawyer and start the litigation process. When a business owner already has hired a legal professional, they may be able to prevent legal issues from surfacing in the first place.

Civil Litigation

You have a problem with someone - your neighbor, someone you entered into a contract with, a customer. What do you do? Call a general practice attorney. They can likely help you negotiate a resolution to the problem. If they can't, a lawsuit may be needed. If it is something that people or business encounter on a regular basis, a general practice attorney has probably dealt with it before. And if it is more unique, the general practice attorney probably knows another attorney who can help.

Experienced General Practice Attorney

If you aren't sure where to start when it comes to hiring a lawyer, consulting with a general practice attorney is your best bet. Contact Mara Spring today for a consultation.

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