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Practice Areas

Mara Spring practices the law across several different areas. Her experience and skills make her a very versatile attorney, no matter which area of the law your case may fall under.

Areas of Practice

  • Mediation: When a family is involved in a dispute, emotions and tensions are likely to be incredibly high. At times, it may be beneficial to have a mediator act between the disputing members of a family. Mediation can also take place within the court system, and offer better outcomes to family disputes, rather than having the family head to a trial. Mediation is a process that allows both parties to voice their concerns over a certain matter, with a court-appointed mediator, who can offer a proposed solution following the mediation process.
  • Divorce: One of the most heated legal processes is the negotiation and finalization of the divorce. When a marriage ends, it is often much more complicated than just the spouses no longer being willing to see one another. Divorces often involve division of property, negotiating assets, spousal support, and many other factors. This can cause much hardship and turmoil among the spouses, and any children they may have. Because of this, these matters may best be negotiated between the spouse's attorneys, and decided through negotiation, rather than through spouses arguing directly.
  • Child Custody and Placement: If a family no longer resides together, one of the most important components to negotiate is caring for any children. Custody - the legal ability to make decisions for a child, and Placement - where the child is physically located, are often determined together. Negotiating custody and placement issues can be done with or without a divorce proceeding in tandem. Custody and placement arrangements are court ordered and include schedules for which parent may serve as caretaker of the child, and when. These arrangements are sometimes necessary when parents cannot agree on their schedules for the child, or if a parent or child has been the victim of domestic violence.
  • Civil Litigation: When an individual engages with the court, unless they have committed a crime, it will generally fall under the umbrella of civil law. Civil litigation can cover a wide array of subjects. The typical person may never be involved in a civil dispute. Other than a personal injury lawsuit (which Mara does not handle), the most common type of civil dispute the average person may encounter is a small claims matter. Civil litigation includes these small claims disputes, as well as any claim or dispute between two individuals or businesses. This can include a lot of line dispute, a collection action, dispute over the terms of a contract, or a dispute over a defect in the construction of a home. Civil litigation often encompasses incidents where a person must have the weight of the law behind them for another person or entity to take or cease an action.
  • Business: Businesses at any level often need to negotiate with one another, and at times may need to engage in litigation to protect their stake in a claim or a profit. This can become a complex matter, especially for smaller businesses that do not keep an in-house legal department.
  • General Practice: There are a number of situations where a person may encounter an expected or particularly complex issue with the law. In these situations, it may be best to consult with an attorney prior to taking any actions.

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